This summer, I want to …

… lie in my sleeping bag next to my friends and count the stars.

… count all the new mosquito bites I got on my face because I slept outside.

… redo my nails all two days for no apparent reason.

… eat so much stracciatella ice cream until my tummy hurts.

… laugh as much until my tummy hurts.

… meet new people.

… meet people I didn’t see for a long time.

… buy new pencils and art supplies.

… go to a concert of a band I’ve never heard before.

… keep journalizing without putting effort to the thoughts I’m writing down.

… stay up until the sun starts rising up again.

… pet a fluffy cat!

… draw with chalk on the streets like I used to when I was little.

… dye the end of my hair in a dark blue tone.

… keep in touch with my best friends that I might not see daily again.

… learn some easy tricks on my skateboard.

… go to the cinema and watch a cheesy movie.

… doodle on a wall with a black pen.

… buy new earrings!

… give¬†stracciatella ice cream to random people to make their day.

… go to Geneva.

… buy some random stuff in Geneva that I won’t need.

… write some postcards to people I never sent postcards before.

… broaden my special plastic bottle collection.

… write regularly on my latest story.

… write more regularly on this blog (oh, that’s gonna be a challenge …).

… make a little video edit without a big meaning behind it.

… do more things without much of a meaning behind it.


… have one, great time made up of thousands of tiny things. (:




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