4 Useful (and free) apps you may not know yet!

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How’ve you been doing? Long time no upload, huh? Life’s been busy in the couple past weeks and my inspiration went on vacation earlier than I did … I’m very sorry that I’ve been inactive, but here I am again, with some post ideas that I’ll hopefully publish more frequently!

As the title says, today, I thought I’d share some apps that will be very useful for a lot of you. Or at least, that are very useful to me! I’ve known some of them for a very long time, but there are also some apps that I’ve found recently and that will stay on my phone for, again, a very long time! Note that I’m speaking out of my own will and that it’s my opinion. It isn’t supposed to be promoting of any companies or anything like that. Now that that’s said, have fun!


No. 1 – “Picsart”

Very handy tool to easily edit pictures in multiple ways!

I love editing, no matter if videos or pictures! This app is super nice if you’re looking for a simple, free tool with a lot of possibilities to be creative with your pictures. You can also draw on digital canvas and record yourself while sketching with it, and it’s very simple to use! I’ve known this app for around a year and there’s nothing I could complain about. There are a lot of filters, stickers (some of them aren’t for free though) and effects you can use to fancy your pics – the only thing that may be disappointing is the lack of fonts on this app. But there are so many other tools for more advanced editing, it’ll pay out!

Here’s an example of a picture that I’ve took a week ago and edited in about seven minutes only, just by using Picsart!

No. 2 – “Photomath”

Bless my math teacher for bringing this life-saving thing into my life.

I’m not the best at math (I could be worse though, but it’ll probably always haunt me), and because of this thing, I probably won’t be completely frustrated and helpless because of a math problem that I don’t understand.

It’s basically what the name of the app says – you take a picture of your hostile numbers and letters (they also can be handwritten, what I personally think it’s very nice!) that don’t make any sense in your eyes, and boom, there goes the solution for it with every little step, with every little explanation! It’s free in the AppStore and sooo useful – it never let me down while I struggled to do my homework in the past few months. Just don’t use it as a cheating aid – or at least, don’t credit me if you get caught!


(Picture’s source: iphoneness.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/01/Photomath.gif)

No. 3 – “Checky”

A simple app that makes you think a lot. 

This is something that a lot of people, usually the older ones in my experience, talk about, but that is also becoming more and more personal to me. I’m sure that I won’t be the only one and that’s why I decided to add this app to this little review.

I noticed that I spent a lot of time on my phone, especially in situations where I wanna escape because it gets uncomfortable or “boring”. This app simply tells you how many times you’ve checked your phone this day. If you keep “using” it (or, if you wait some days after installing the app) regularly, you’ll also be able to see a diagram of the past days, weeks, months etc. on how many times you were on your phone. It doesn’t tell you for how long, it doesn’t count if you only check the time. It surprised me the first time I checked my first daily result, it was kind of shocking how many, even if they’re short, times that we spend on our phones without even realising it. I highly recommend it to you, it’s completely free and it barely needs storage.

These aren’t high numbers – according to a dailymail.co.uk, the average user checks their phone around 110 times a day. / (Picture’s source: androidcentral.com/sites/androidcentral.com/files/styles/large_wm_brw/public/article_images/2016/03/checky.jpg?itok=R46rmis2)

No. 4 – “Beatwave”

Okay, I’ll admit, this one’s not very useful – but it’s fun!

This app is like a tiny soundboard – you can make nice sounding loops just by tapping around little squares! There are different modes and different instruments you can choose – and you also can record your masterpiece. I often use this in breaks when I’ve been stu(dying), it frees your mind and gives you good vibes. 🙂

Also, it’s completely free!

Picture’s source: huffpost.com/gen/1861949/thumbs/o-BEATWAVE-570.jpg?1


Would you like me to show you an example of a song I’ve made recently by using Beatwave? Are you surprised how attached we actually are to our cell phones? Let me know, and see you next time!



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