“Dear past self …”

Dear 1-year old self,

How’s it going? Are you doing great? I don’t know anymore because the only thing I remember from back then is how excited you were trying on a red hat from your mum. But I think you’ll be, or at least I hope it.

Dear 2-year old self,

You hate chocolate and pizza at this point, but that will change. So many things will change! For example, you’ll learn how to love the stuffed animal you got for your birthday that you were afraid of at first so much, that it’ll become your favourite one. Crazy how we change opinions, right? Right. And that’s fine. Don’t forget that over the years, please – it’s okay to change!

Dear 3-year old self,

The world is so big and you’re so small. Frustrating, isn’t it? You want to be like your older cousins! They’re already teens! And they can reach the lamp that hangs on the ceiling! Well, let me tell you – you’ll stay small forever, and you’ll never be able to reach that lamp. Maybe you won’t stay as small as you are now, but still smaller than the average. You’ll also stay younger than your cousins forever! That’s okay – to be smaller, to be younger and to know less things than other persons.

Dear 4-year old self,

German is harder than expected, isn’t it? The only language that you’ve known is Spanish – and you’ll never get as good at it as you’re now. You’ll learn English in five years too. You’ll start learning French and Latin later – and don’t really like it. Oh no! Let me tell you that you’ll start learning Japanese too. But these aren’t the only things you’ll learn. You’ll learn so many other things – it’s okay if you’re not perfect by now. Don’t let mean people bully you because you’re not as good as they are in something. In this case, speaking German. Having an accent is cute. You’re doing your best. That’s what counts.

Dear 5-year old self,

Try out things. Even if it means that you, the clumsiest and most inelegant person I know, will do ballet for a year or two. Do it! Later you’ll try out soccer – even if you don’t like soccer at all, but that’s another story – and Karate. You see? You’ll try out so many different things. You’ll never get to know new things if you don’t try them out – no matter if good or less good experiences.

Dear 6-year old self,

It wasn’t Santa who brought you the presents on Christmas’ Eve – and, even if you were super mad at your parents when you found out, it doesn’t mean that they wanted to hurt you by lying to you. Not everyone in this world wants to hurt you. And you’re still allowed to consciously believe in Santa and in the Easter Bunny for the next three years if you want. You’re free to believe in everything you want. That doesn’t only count for Santa. And the Easter Bunny, excuse me! But don’t try to convince other people – because, just like you’re free to think what’s right, so are they. There’s no right opinion. Accept that, and it will get way easier.

Dear 7-year old self,

Moving away from your old environment is hard. You had to leave all your old friends – and your favourite playground too! You’ll be sad at first, and I understand it. But it doesn’t mean that a change has to be something bad – even if it things seem to be bad in the first place. Have patience – things will turn out good in the end. And if they don’t, it’s not the end.

Dear 8-year old self,

It’s okay to like “boyish things” as a girl. Don’t feel less than other girls if you prefer to collect Pokémons in the break, dig in the mud with your friends or play video games! You’re still free to dress-up Barbies after. It doesn’t make you less female. Being a boy is awesome and being a girl is just as great.

Dear 9-year-old self,

It’s not a good idea to shave your eyebrows. You’ll still do it because a boy will make fun of the few hairs you have in between and that will make you feel insecure – the first time you’ll feel insecure about your looks, by the way, and definitely not the last time – but just let me tell you that it’s not a good idea. Seriously. Don’t listen to mean kids, for god’s sake!

Dear 10-year old self,

Don’t do things that you don’t really want to do. For example, playing soccer. Just like I told you before. Say your opinion out loud and mean what you say. It’s fine to be different – otherwise, we’ll all be the same, and that would be really boring, wouldn’t it?

Dear 11-year old self,

Surround yourself with true friends. Even if it means that you’ll have to leave the “friends” you have now and be alone for some time until you get to know persons that want the best for you. Even if it means that you’ll have to go to another playground in the break. Even if it means that people in your class will be bullying you for some time. It will be worth it. You’ll feel like trash, you’ll become even more insecure and become shy – so shy that you won’t even speak to your parents for some time – but it will be worth it. It’s hard, but you’ll get stronger. Trust me.

Dear 12-year old self,

Don’t be mean to people because everyone else is. There are no heroes nor villains in the real world. That’s something from bad movies and bad books. Everyone acts like they act for a reason. The first impression and the prejudice you have over a person is not the whole personality. Don’t let people let you think how another person is. Give second chances.

Dear 13-year old self,

It’s perfectly fine to be sad, but please don’t let the sadness take over your life. Or blame it on other persons. Instead of crying because you’re not happy with who you are, get your head up and fight to become the person you want to be.

Dear 14-year old self,

People come and go. Just like the horrible acne you’ll have for some months. It comes, but it goes away too. Just like people do. Move on. Stop living in the past and start to enjoy the present – it’ll never come back again!

Dear 15-year old self,

Stop being shy and let the world know who you are! Don’t be ashamed of your flaws or your past self. Don’t take yourself too seriously – you’ll change hundreds of times in your life, and it’s okay to be a little bit stupid sometimes. This is not the last thing you’ll learn in your life – and you’ll only learn new things if you are brave enough to take risks.

You may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you’ll sure be a lot of people’s cup of coffee – and, hey, coffee’s pretty great!



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