“Where do you get your music from?”

Let’s start with a fun fact: I hate music as a subject in school, but I absolutely love doing  and listening to it! And by loving, I mean – I really, really like it.

While others tend to watch series – fun fact number two: I am terrible at watching series frequently –, I often rummage through YouTube and Soundcloud to find another song that I can listen to on repeat for the next 144 hours straight. I am not exaggerating.

Okay, maybe a tiny little bit, but still – I make homework with it (if I actually do my homework), I daydream with it, I draw to it, I fall asleep to it … Seriously, if I could bring my headphones into the shower, I’d even do that! Think about that before making wireless headphones, Apple!

Because the thing is – I actually don’t really like it when others listen to my music while I listen to it as well, so I won’t play it loudly voluntarily. It feels a little bit as if it would be something very intimate. Maybe because I tend to associate old melodies with old memories.

An example: I Giorni, by Ludovico Einaudi. A beautiful piano song that I learned to play in elementary school. It was way too high for my level to play back then. The intervals were too big for my tiny hands, the length of the whole artwork was too challenging as well – but I refused to wait some years until it would be easier for me to play it. I studied for four months, basically every day, to learn the melody by heart. Even if I had a horrible experience at school or at home, I’d still go to my piano and practice, no matter how happy or how upset I was.

I still can play it perfectly – the only song that I’ll never forget to play I guess –, but every time I do, I get flashbacks from back then when I was a little bit younger. I wouldn’t call that time my best, so now I have to avoid playing that beautiful song I loved so much the first time I heard it if I don’t wanna be sentimental and pissed off. Ironic, isn’t it?

There are also good connections with other melodies, of course! For example, Starships by Nicky Minaj. Bangarang by Skrillex. All Of Me by John Legend. The list goes on and on.

But I don’t actually hide my music completely. As soon as I know that you like my music taste, I will get comfortable with you and play it loudly. My friends tend to ask me the upper question on the title as soon as I have the AUX cord. Or: “What’s that song called?”

And as a “music over Netflix”-person, hobby-pianist for the past 10 years and horrible singer (don’t expect to be able to sing along to all of them, I didn’t try it out!), I decided to list up some songs – no matter if old, my favorites or recently found. I added the direct link to listen to it for comfort. Just klick on the name of the song (don’t open a new tab – it will do). Have fun!


My favorite song of which I listened the 10 hours-version twice (and probably still would):

» Demons – Imagine Dragons | Demons – Imagine Dragons (if you actually wanna listen to the 10 hours-version)

– – –

The poisoned piano song I just talked about:

» I Giorni – Ludovico Einaudi

– – –


» One Ok Rock – Taking Off

»  Nirvana – In Bloom

» blink-182 – Bored To Death

» Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box

» One Ok Rock – Cry Out

» Fall Out Boy – Novocaine

» Maroon 5 & Fall Out Boy – Animals and Centuries [Mashup]

» Ling Tosite Sigure – Abnormalize

» Fall Out Boy – Immortals [remixed]

– – –

Electronic, Dubstep, Cloudrap … all that stuff

» Skrillex – Bangarang | (Dubstep)

» A$AP Rocky – L$D | (Cloudrap)

» t.A.t.U – All The Things She Said [remixed] | (Electronic)

» Electro Light Feat. Iain Mannix – Clearly [remixed] | (Electronic)

» Tag Shai – Deluded | (Cloudrap)

» Njomza – Ridin’ Solo [remixed] | (Electronic)

» Miguel – Sure Thing [remixed] | (Electronic? Trap? I honestly don’t know)

– – –


» EDEN – Circles

» Imagine Dragons – Gold

» Ideas As Opiates – Tears For Fears

» Joey Cape – Me The Witness

» EDEN – and

» Abstract – 22

» EDEN – rock+roll

» Imagine Dragons – Bleeding Out

» EDEN – drugs



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