Oh no, not another kid with a WordPress-blog …


I’m Miriam – but you can call me Miri if you want – a lil girl from a lil country named Switzerland who enjoys writing. By writing, I mean writing in general, especially in German and cute love stories that won’t happen to me as I’m a bit of an introvert person that rather talk to cute kittens than to cute guys. But as everyone I know that has a WordPress-blog is writing in English, I’m going to do this as well. Because I want to, and my written English isn’t that bad … Hopefully.

What else to say? I also enjoy reading, listening to music, go jogging (if I’m not too lazy), go skating (again, if I’m not too lazy), drawing, playing the piano, making aesthetically pleasing photography- and video edits, basically trying out anything artistic, and – most important – making my friends laugh.

I’m known for my neverending daydreaming and awkwardly-staring-at-strangers-in-the bus-while-listening-to-music-thinking-about-how-to-make-the-most-impossible-things-possible-and-the-following-realization-that-I-actually-was-awkwardly-staring-at-strangers-and-turning-away-in-embarrassment, but also for my bad puns and turning everything to something funny.

I hope to give you a little insight of my mind and things I listed up and that you stay tuned to enjoy my next posts!


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